Previous Projects

Scottish Parliament project at the University of Stirling

My first web design project was to re-design and rebuild the website for the Scottish Parliament studies at the University of Stirling.

I first started studying CSS during this project to give more flexibility to the graphic design.

WebApprentice Dr Mann photo BeFunky Collage

Silver Custom Jewelry:

My most recent project was an e-commerce website for a jewellery retainer called Silver Custom Jewelry. This was a more complex challenge because the structure and functions of the website had to fit in perfectly with the purpose of the business.

In addition to uploading images, product prices, and product descriptions which my client provided for me I had to insert the facilities on the website for accepting credit card and PayPal payments, shipping, and VAT.

It was the first time that I used WooCommerce to manage the interior structure of an e-commerce website. The flexibility of WooCommerce provides the website developer with many options to develop and re-develop the website’s structure. By employing product categories instead of parent pages I was able to improve the customer experience and reduce the time taken to make a purchase.

WebApprentice Celia (Stainless) photo BeFunky CollageWebApprentice Celia (Crystal) photo BeFunky Collage



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