Essential tasks the day before a job interview

The day before an interview, it always helped me to have a routine schedule to follow so that I would be efficient with time and not fret too much about things which I might have missed.

It is very easy to overthink your preparation and to work on it to the point where you are damaging your chances of working well in your job interview. So follow these essential tips and you will be set up.


Review notes and job description:

The most obvious starting point. Make sure that you know your qualifications for a job off by heart!

There are a number of ways that you can review you notes and job description so that you can safely rely on instinct when you into an interview.

I would always number the scenarios which I took note of, in order to easily break them down in my head – which in turn is critical for flexibility when the interviewer asks you an unexpected question.


Iron your clothes:

First impressions are critical, and so appearance counts for a lot. Creases on your clothes give an immediate bad impression, because they are associated with disorganisation, uncleanliness, and a lack of care and attention.

I always iron your clothes that day before because I find ironing a relaxing activity, and I feel relaxed when I see them hanging up on my wardrobe, just waiting for me to step into with ease tomorrow.


Prepare everything that you will need:

Make a small list of every thing that you will need in order to deliver your interview and how you will get there and back.

If you need to give a presentation then make sure your computer is working well, and that you have backups of everything that you need on a pendrive and a cloud storage (e.g. OneDrive, GoogleDrive). If you have flashcards that you will use to remember vital information then set them aside so that they will not get lost with your other notes.

For getting to the interview, make sure that you know exactly where you are going and approximately how long it will take to get there. You should plan to get there with at least 30 minutes to spare. If you have an early interview during rush hour then be even more generous with time, giving yourself aiming to get there 45 minutes to 1 hour in advance.


Sleep Well:

No employer wants to see you asleep at your desk at work! So if you come for an interview during the daytime and you look like you’ve been out on the town all night it will not give a good impression.

Besides good first impressions, you are more likely to give good answers to interview questions when you mind is well rested. You will be well equipped to remember important information for your answers and describe them with ease and confidence.

The recommended amount of sleep to get is between 7 and 9 hours, with 8 being the ideal number.


Prepare for Sleep:

In order to get a good sleep to put you in the right shape for going to your interview, it is essential to prepare yourself the night before.

It is important to put your work away for an hour or two before you go to sleep, and relax your mind. Stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as it has been shown that social media can promote insecurity and anxiety which makes it harder for your to sleep. Likewise, do not watch anything with a lot of hard-hitting drama or intensity, because that will stimulate internal chatter and debate.

The night before an interview I would brush my teeth and get everything ready for going to sleep around 8 or 9pm. To relax I would watch something funny for an hour and remove and internal conflict or chatter about my interview.






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