Achieve any ambition through careful mapping

An appropriate topic for mid-January, the time when the ideal vision around your new year’s resolutions may be wearing down, how do you make ambitions that you can stick to?

As someone with considerable experience in making overstretched plans I know how it is easy to give up on plans when you do not see how the end target can be reached.


Why a heavy workload has benefited my quality of life

First of all I want to emphasise why embracing a heavy workload has actually been better for my day-to-day quality of life and happiness.

Having a lot to do has benefited me in a number of ways.

I now have motivation to force myself to give up bad habits. For example, as a teenager I would watch YouTube almost every night until the small hours of the morning, even when I got bored though I knew that just one more video would be enough … but it rarely was!

However, I also knew that I am not a productive night-time worker, which meant that my first step towards productivity and better results had to be an early night sleep so that I could realistically wake up early.

Being preoccupied has brought be a great sense of contentment outside of University. At school my main concern was my social status, with work being an extra thing to do. Even in my first year at University, I was still only planning for the next few months at a time without thinking about my long-term ambitions. However, after graduation there are no more excuses and mapping my ambitions has encouraged me to pursue even more ambitious goals than the ones that I was already working on.


How to make your ambitions reachable

The biggest reason for the failure of any ambition is that it lacks a unit of measurement.

The most popular resolutions I’ve heard so far in 2018 are related to fitness or weight loss or going back to gym. However, few people I’ve met have put a practical measurement on any of these ambitions.

My personal fitness resolution for this year is to run at least one half-marathon and one marathon. These ambitions will push me to increase the number of times I run each week and how long I spend on each run, because I know from experience how painful a long-competitive run can be when I’ve not prepared my body or my mind for the experience.

Also I have seen a lot of people become disturbed by the lack of control which they have over the long-term circumstances in their life. So I have coped with this by setting it as an ultimate goal and setting measurable goals that will set the ground to receive better opportunities.

For example, you might say that I want to find a job in the next five years where I am earning over £30,000/year. However, you are not certain if a promotion will be available in your own organisation or how many such jobs will be available in such companies. Therefore, the actual goal has to be to network in order to be in a good position to hear about and get the insight on, and qualify for the job you will seek in the future, and secondly to stay up-to-date will the trends in your job sector – especially those which are useful for someone in the position you hope that you will obtain.

For any ambitions related to personal relationships the main features, such as showing affection and building trust are harder to quantify and measure. So what you have to do is translate it into real actions. Having just left university, all of my friends have moved home, so I now make a point of speaking to friends on Facebook who I have not spoken to for a while. Sometimes that is all that is needed to reinforce a good friendship.



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